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Iftar Dinner with Islamic Union of Hong Kong

Posted on 17/6/2016

Iftar Dinner with Islamic Union of Hong Kong


The true fast is fasting with Prophet Adam! Walking with him in the desert of existence with the burning sand under one’s feet, with the flame of love in one’s heart, and the heat of search in one’s chest, and the tears streaming from one’s eyes! Wandering, searching restlessly for Him, the One and Only, drawn by the pain of separation! In other words, our fasting efforts have to connect us with the first human being, the father of humankind, the Prophet Adam. Our fasting has to draw us to walk in his footsteps, because he was in search of love, he was searching to regain the love, forgiveness and contentment of God the Majestic with his tearful repentance. He had only one goal, one longing, one wish, one thought for forty years, to ask for forgiveness, love and mercy from His Supreme Creator.

In today’s iftar in this month of blessings and forgiveness, we seeked the same refugee from the Divine with Sister and Brothers from Islamic Union of Hong Kong.

We have broken the fast with our dates and prayed mutually, therefore we enjoyed the food till the time for a surprise.

A gift for a geneorus donations ( Over 600.000 HKD) for Syrian Refugees done by Islamic Union through Pearl Institute helped over 60 Thousand people in Turkey and Pearl Institute presented a gift that says ” The Best of Mankind is the One with the Most Benefit to Mankind”(Prophet Muhammad pbuh) to honor their efforts

After our happy gathering we left each other with blessings and prays.

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