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Iftar Dinner with Distinguished Friends

Posted on 23/6/2016

Iftar Dinner with Distinguished Friends


When we fast for 30 days we always get questions that “What is fasting”, “Why Muslims Fast”. The questions multiples everyday in our social life. There are many different aspects of fasting and more benefits as well. If we mention some of them in our todays article we can say that Fasting teaches compassion. It is easy to talk about the world’s problem of hunger, easy to feel sorry that millions of people go to bed hungry each day. But not until one actually feels it in one’s own body does the impact truly hit home. Compassion based on empathy is much stronger and more consistent than compassion based on pity. It is a feeling that leads to action. Fasting is never an end in itself; it has many different outcomes. But none of the other outcomes are of real moral value if compassion is not enlarged and extended through fasting.

Compassion is one of only aspect of it that we have felt in our dinner today. Our attendees shared stories, asked and answered the question to each other and of each other. We enlightened from each other, we learned from each other. We broke the fast and got to know each other.

Thanks for all attandees tonight.

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