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Pearl Women Iftar Dinner Gathering 

Posted on 16/6/2016

Pearl Women Iftar Dinner Gathering


The blessed month of Ramadan is a time for worship, devotion and reflection on the deeper meaning of life. The spiritual exercises of fasting and prayer have a transforming influence not only on our hearts and minds but on the body like;

* An opportunity to focus on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
* Fasting helps to think about eating habits.
* It builds self-control and discipline.
*Gives the stomach a break from the laborious job of digestion and excretion.
* Aids in expelling toxins – detoxifies the body.

With the gathering or Pearl Women, our fasting reaced to 10th day out of 30 days. We are already get used to life with fasting is this hot summer and we really feel these health benefits in each day of our fasting. Our Iftars are continuing and we are enjoying our dinners with friends from different walks of life after long hours of fasting.

Our Pearl Ladies have organized this event to make Ramadan much happier with their friends from different walks of life. They had gathered and enjoyed the foods while they were talking the physical and spiritual benefits of the Fasting.

It is indeed Iftars are not joyful without friends.

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