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Delegates of CMCFA & Kasim Tuet Joined Iftar Dinner

Posted on 20/6/2016

Delegates of CMCFA & Kasim Tuet Joined Iftar Dinner


We, in Ramadan, can almost view the panorama from beyond this world and listen to the melody of Firdaws. An integrated faith of the religion of the hearts; in fact, a life led in belief, an appreciation of the divine meaning, blessed affection and spiritual gratification are also considered to be among the essential elements of this melody. Those who can color their lives with these components shall find themselves experiencing an abundance of delight and enthusiasm beyond which it is impossible to imagine.

During Ramadan, each action and behavior that is carried out at the times of sahur, iftar and tarawih (special meals and pra-yers) these periods considered to be the harbor and stairs used to approach and reach God – become so mysterious that the heavens and the lights of the realms beyond the heavens almost seem to be poured down on our heads, and they whisper to us magical poems alongside our praise and gratitude to God; as affectionate and warm as the lullabies composed in the very hearts of our mothers, and as profound and respectful as the glorification of angels..!

This mystery and the rewards we gain in this month through each actions and behaviours multiples if we act it all in one time, at same table and similar feelings. Unity makes these blessing moments more precious, therefore we try not to gain less while we have other opportunities like in our iftar tonight.

We believe the moment we had with our guests from CMCFA and Kasim Tuet Highschool gave us this blessings and multiple rewards.

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