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Distinguish Locals Gathered at Iftar Dinner 

Posted on 6/7/2015

Distinguish Locals Gathered at Iftar Dinner


Ramadan is a unique time to gather with friends from different walks of life. It also provides friends to strengthen their friendship ties through iftar gatherings.

Old friends, whom they have visited Turkey, from Chung Chin Collage Alumni and from different walks of life came together to share the happiness of breaking the fast with their Turkish Friends.

In the night, there were stories being told about their times in trip to Turkey. Many of them expressed their feelings as they have missed that moments there.

There were well cooked home made foods served to our distinguished guests to remember the Turkish Taste once again.

A presentation about Ramadan and its aspects to society and individuals were also presented.

We kindly thanks our friends for their presence in the dinner.

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