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Iftar Dinner Gathering with “Turkish Learners” Family 

Posted on 14/6/2016

Iftar Dinner Gathering with


Tonight our friends whom have been learning Turkish joined our dinner to learn more thing rather than Turkish.

In our iftar dinner we shared food and fun all together and learned more things about fasting.

Representatives of Pi emphasized on that Fasting is a school for the training of both the physical body and the soul, and it has numerous merits and benefits. However, just as with any other act of worship, Muslims observe the fast not for the benefits, but rather because they wish to totally submit to the will of God. Believers are aware that worldly benefits are not the goal of any kind of worship. Muslims draw closer to God by abandoning the things they enjoy, and this makes the sincerity of their devotion to God all the more evident. They know that God will be pleased with them if they abandon worldly comforts for His sake.

It was new for us and we enjoyed both the philosophy and enjoyed the food that we shared throughout the night

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