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Ramadan Iftar Dinner with Teacher from Rosebud Int. School

Posted on 9/6/2016

Ramadan Iftar Dinner with Teacher from Rosebud Int. School


Like rain pouring on the earth, Ramadan came with streams of meanings and emotions that water dried and thirsty hearts, making the inner worlds of people propitious for new meanings and conceptions. By means of the light of the days, hours and minutes of this blessed month, hearts attain such spiritual depth and become so purified that they never desire to leave its climate of peace.

The pleasant nights of Ramadan receive warmest welcome from all souls. Eyes look more deeply in them and people feel deeper love for each other. Everyone desires to do good to everyone and passions and ill-feeling are subjugated to a certain extent. In Ramadan everyone feels so much more attached to God and is so careful in his relations with others that it is impossible not to see this.

Ramadan makes hearts souls together. It provides the atmospher for people from all walks of life to see, experience and understand each other in a peaceful moment and sharing.

Like Rosebud Teachers and some other distinguished guests, Pearl institute felt this spirit of friendship that our guests brought to our dinner. We are thankful to them and all our guest in the past and future for their existance in our iftar table.

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