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Iftar Dinner with Old Friends

Posted on 15/6/2016

Iftar Dinner with Old Friends


It was a dinner that we have missed a lot. Our friends from different walks of life  joined our iftar dinner on 14th of June 2016.

In our iftar dinner we shared our long stories since our last times. We all enjoyed the conversations around the iftar table. We shared our happiness. We remembered our past iftars.

We all are happy to know that There is no month but Ramadan that can sail by with relentless joy, everlasting pleasure and never fading love. Presenting the spirit, essence, and true meaning of all the gentle seasons that have passed through the entire year, the days and nights of Ramadan, every single moment, embrace hearts within their exclusive bliss and charm in the most remarkable and pleasant fashion; Ramadan embraces us with compassion and holds us in the warmest love, exciting them with an enthusiasm for life.

In fact, the days of Ramadan are the center of attention, the sum of our spiritual joys, the stage for excitement, the helix of the divine light of progress and the sphere of opportunity and a prize that encourages the growth of all human characteristics all over the world.

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