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Ramadan Iftar Gathering with Local Friends

Posted on 27/6/2016

Ramadan Iftar Gathering with Local Friends


Every sound during Ramadan resonates with a promise of a new start, just as every breath gives us a glimpse of a hope for salvation. Iftar dinners (breaking the fast) appear on our horizon with implications for the “grand meeting,” while whispering some secrets into our soul.

Ramadan appears on the horizon with its unique warmth and charm; our conscience becomes vigilant and awake. Ramadan strengthens spiritual connections and other-worldly desires. Believing hearts acquire greater enthusiasm with love and yearning. Ramadan is the most illuminated, intense, effective, and pleasant of times; it is the most significant dynamism of our religious life. The entire city becomes a residence of the other world . . .

As Pearl Family we are organizing Ramadan iftar dinners to strengten our ties and to create this environment as apart of this horizon in Hong Kong.

Our friends whom from different profession gathered out iftar dinner on 27 of July. We all enjoyed the spirit and friendship as well as lovely home made Iftar Foods.

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