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PI Women 2nd Iftar Gathering

Posted on 22/6/2016

PI Women 2nd Iftar Gathering


Fasting Ramadan is the key to a true, sincere, comprehensive, and universal thanksgiving. Many people cannot appreciate most of the bounties they enjoy, for they do not experience hunger. For example, a piece of dry bread means nothing to those who are full, especially if they are rich. However, the believers’ sense of taste testifies at the time of breaking fast that it is indeed a very valuable bounty of God. During Ramadan, everyone is favored with a heartfelt thanksgiving by understanding the value of Divine bounties.

Especially when it is as a community, these bounties multiples between divine and people from different faith and traditions.

Our PI Women organized their 2nd Iftar Gathering to strengthen this valuable bounty among them and they once again tasted a delicious cuisine together.

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