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PI was with Nepal Nation

Posted on 3/6/2015

PI was with Nepal Nation


With the words: “God Helps Those Who Helps Others (Hadith)“, PI & KYM (Kimse Yok Mu? – One of the top relief organization in Turkey-)  have been calling for your support the families affected by earthquake that happened in Nepal.

After this tragic natural disaster,

PI raised its voice and called people to be with Nepal nation in Hong Kong. Like other campaigns in the past, PI has received some amount of donation and delivered it to Nepal through KYM relief organisation.

Unlike the other campaigns that PI has been recieved less amounts then previous campaings. But PI still appreciate those whom helped people in Nepal either through our centre or thousand other pots in Hong Kong. PI believes that a penny saves lives.

Who is KYM? 




KYM has launched that with the support of thousands of people, they have brought items in an amount of 40 million USD so far for the people all over the world.

News About Kimse Yok Mu? Organization in Nepal 

They have dispatched a team on Sunday to Nepal, which was struck by a 7.9-magnitude earthquake that left around 2,000 people dead on Saturday, and pledged it would give TL 100,000 in donations for the tragedy.

The 12-member team, called the Asian Search and Rescue team, carries out its activities under the Kimse Yok Mu’s auspices. The team is traveling to the quake-hit area through Malaysia and is expected to arrive at the scene Sunday evening.

The fully-equipped team will both contribute to search and rescue activities and provide humanitarian aid in the region for at least 10 days. A team of paramedics and psychologists will follow the group after.

Kimse Yok Mu chairman İsmail Cingöz announced in a Twitter post on Sunday that the organization will spend the TL 100,000 in donations to buy medical supplies and food to help the disaster’s victims.

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