Ramadan Dinner Gathering with Academician

Posted on 19/6/2016

Ramadan Dinner Gathering with Academician


There is no month but Ramadan that can sail by with relentless joy, everlasting pleasure and never fading love. Presenting the spirit, essence, and true meaning of all the gentle seasons that have passed through the entire year, the days and nights of Ramadan, every single moment, embrace hearts within their exclusive bliss and charm in the most remarkable and pleasant fashion; Ramadan embraces us with compassion and holds us in the warmest love, exciting us with an enthusiasm for life.

Ramadan is started like yesterday and is going to end like tomorrow, we are having a continues joy with our friends from varieties fields and professions within this 30 days period that pass like 30 hours.

Today, Our friends from Academic Background joined to share this joy with us on our sunday iftar dinner. We have broke the fast with Athan Call and enjoyed the buffet foods afterwards.

Talking and discussing the life in Ramadan was the most joyful parts.

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