Project Description

Pearl Institute was established in 2015 by a group of dedicated volunteers as a charitable organization. It holds tax-exempt status according to section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Pearl institute strives to promote social cohesion by fostering civic conversations and sustained relationships between people of different cultures and faiths. Pearl Institute strives to contribute to China’s and Hong Kong SAR’s diverse and multicultural society by service and active involvement in social life. PI helps build an enlightened society full of hope, opportunity, virtues, justice and peace.

PI associates have conducted various intercultural workshops as well as study skills training for secondary school students in various subjects over the years.  PI is harnessing the skills of various facilitators for Financial Literacy, Personal Development and Mentorship, fostering a growth mindset that can be developed utilizing Design Thinking to empower students to realize their own issues and develop viable solutions through introducing social entrepreneurship with sustainable impact. PI can take charge of the over-all CDF program components in collaboration with any eligible school and its network.

Financial Literacy

A and B Make 3

A and B make 3 (a+b=3) is a social entreprise aiming at reducing people’s financial vulnerability through education, with a focus on low income people, people with debt, immigrants and Asia.

To do this,

– we create financial education programmes for adults, teenagers and children focusing on behaviour change and not just technical content,

– we facilitate training the trainers workshops and support NGO trainers to ensure they successfully implement financal education programmes,

– we offer online training

– we design and implement tailor-made financial education programmes for NGOs, for-profit companies and schools…

So far we have reached more than 50,000 people especially in Cambodia, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines and more recently in Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo, Laos, Bangladesh and

Sophie (Blaise) Paine 

Financial Education Designer and Trainer

•15 Years experience in Financial Management and Accounting in subsidiaries of US and English Corporations
•15 years experience in financial education: design and facilitation of training in family budgeting, debt management, savings, accounting and entrepreneurship.
•Wide range of financial and accounting experience (service, consumer goods, not for profit, small and big companies)
•Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
•Multicultural experience (lived and worked in France, Italy, China, Hong Kong and USA)
•Bilingual (French, English). Intermediate (Spanish, Italian), Basics (Arabic, Chinese)

Specialties: Financial Literacy, Management Accounting, Financial Training, Accounting process improvement

Personal Development Plan


Atiya Bansal had been teaching senior secondary students in Hong Kong for twenty years. During this period, she trained teachers for University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong. She currently focuses on teaching academic skills. 

She is author of “Essential Study Skills: A Practical Guide to Success at School and Beyond.”

Furthermore, she is founder of ACES (Alef Complementary Educational Services Ltd). 

STUDY SKILLS COURSE. Especially designed for busy Hong Kong students. This short course will help you on:

(1) Note-taking Strategies

(2) Memory Techniques

(3) Speed Reading Skills

(4) Planning & Timetabling Skills


Institute of Leadership and Management Foundation Limited

ILM delivers two types of trainings for schools:

1. Student training (Team Building, Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking)

2. Teacher training (Design thinking in classroom, effective time management and cultivating individual personalities)

ILM specializes in delivering training sessions. While we work with the schools to make sure students and teachers get maximum benefit, the responsibility for all administrative, disciplinary and housekeeping issues rests with the schools.

Yasir Naveed

Yasir has launched various startups, represented Hong Kong at and won a global public speaking competition, and led various social initiatives targeted towards the Ethnic Minority community of Hong Kong.

Reach out to Yasir for leadership, public speaking and time management training workshops.